Workshop for BS Students

Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Department organized a program to introduce research groups to undergraduate students. We, IoT-Blockchain group, took place as speakers in these trainings. On February 16th, Prof. Arda Yurdakul narrated the work done in this area to the students. On the following day, Mehmet Doğan summarized the blockchain technology and working principles. He introduced the projects we are working on and publications we have done.
On March 3rd, for those students wishing to conduct research on IoT-Blockchain integration, we have detailed issues with IoT-Blockchain like scalability, privacy, and cryptography. The first hour of training, Mehmet Doğan talked shortly about off-chain solutions, zero-knowledge-proof and consensus algorithms. Then, he conducted training on smart contracts with some implementations on the rest of training.

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