IoT-Blockchain Integration

Current Internet of Things (IoT) architecture is centralized where all devices are connected through cloud servers that support huge processing and storage capacities. This approach makes the IoT infrastructure fragile against security attacks coordinated by low-cost IoT end-devices.

It is envisioned that next generation IoT infrastructure has to be decentralized with built-in security at every layer of the infrastructure. In Blockchain, which is the infrastructure for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, all participating nodes keep a copy of the chain of encrypted transactions. In addition each transaction is replicated across the network. So, if there is a problem at one node, the transaction can be accessed from other nodes. Hence, by nature, Blockchain is an immutable, decentralized and trustless communication environment, which can be a promising solution for IoT. However, low-power IoT end-devices do not possess enough horsepower to run a software client for intensive blockchain calculations.

In this project, we will propose and implement methods to integrate low-power, resource-constrained IoT end-devices to a blockchain-based infrastructure. Resource management and energy planning will be carefully planned to minimize the overhead that new methods can bring on the end-device